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Ruckus Retreat 2019 - Screenwriting: The Short (Workshop) & Production 101 (Workshop)

ClexaCon U.S. 2019 - From Concept to Realization (Panel)

ClexaCon U.K. 2018 - Telling Queer Stories Online (Panel)

FlameCon 2018 - LGBTQ+ Scripted Content (Panel)

ClexaCon U.S. 2018 - Creating Your Own LGBTQ+ Representation on YouTube (Panel)

IvyQ 2017Middlemarch: The Series Screening & Panel

Yale European Cinema Conference 2017Olivia dir. Jacqueline Audry Screening & Panel


Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 35

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 35

The New Yorker - "'Middlemarch' Gets Winningly Adapted as a Web Series"

July 14, 2017

"It’s a lovely moment, conveying a spirit of youth and uncertainty—the same spirit that George Eliot sought to bring to the page almost a hundred and fifty years ago. In it, Shoptaw captures what remains constant about the restless inquiries of young people who want their lives to be meaningful, no matter what has changed about the world they may find themselves in the middle of."


Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 02

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 02

le monde - "Le roman <<Middlemarch>> de George Eliot adapté en websérie"

July 19, 2017 - In French

Curieusement, ce roman n’a pas connu le même succès que ceux de Jane Austen en version filmée. Jusqu’à ce que Rebecca Shoptaw, une étudiante de l’université de Yale (Connecticut) décide d’adapter Middlemarch en minisérie, dont la première moitié (36 épisodes) est disponible sur YouTube. Et le résultat est assez surprenant."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 65

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 65

i-D Magazine - “'middlemarch' is now a queer coming-of-age web series"

November 22, 2017 - Interview

 "Yale undergrad Rebecca Shoptaw is tackling this erasure of LGBTQ history head-on by adapting classic works into progressive web series. Her opus is the unabashedly queer Middlemarch, which sees George Eliot’s self-described study of Victorian provincial life recreated in a 2017 Connecticut college dorm."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 05

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 05

decider - "‘Middlemarch: The Series’ Masterfully Adapts George Eliot For A Millennial Audience"

June 1, 2017

"Middlemarch sets itself apart from other entries of the genre. The diverse ensemble cast drives the uniquely compelling series with their believable, honest performances, and their natural chemistry makes each short episode a delight. There is truly nothing like Middlemarch out there right now, and the creative imagining of Eliot’s iconic work is somehow still remarkably entertaining in 2017."


Queer news - “lucy from the chronicles of narnia stars in an 8-minute lgbtq+ love story”

July 9, 2019

In the eight minutes and forty-four seconds of the lesbian short film Girl, Sweetvoiced, starring Georgie Henley (Narnia) and Antoinette Belle, the waves of nostalgia were strong enough to knock me to my knees. The film is an accumulation of layers: worry, doubt, sensuality, attraction, longing and, as Sappho so astutely expresses, want. To intensify this theme, director Rebecca Shoptaw also uses technical layers, swirling a range of strong currents for the viewer to focus on, which when brought together, become an ocean of vivid, intoxicating sensation.”

Middlemarch: The Series  Poster

Middlemarch: The Series Poster

afterellen - "A group of yale students have adapted middlemarch as a web series"

July 20, 2017

"George Eliot’s Victorian novel “Middlemarch” has been cleverly adapted as a web series by a group of Yale students. The series was created, written, and directed by Rebecca Shoptaw, a film and media studies major who wanted to see more LGBT representation on screen. Shoptaw previously created a series of artistically shot short films with LGBT characters on her YouTube channel, which has 3,500 subscribers to date. Her latest project, Middlemarch: The Series was shot with only a one thousand dollar budget, and a one-person crew."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 25

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 25

The Dickens Society - "Adapting Middlemarch in the Information Age"

July 4, 2017 - Interview

"Instead of taking an event from the novel and simply moving it to the modern day, I turned my attention to the conversations and emotions that surrounded each major plot point, and tried to come up with a modern equivalent that could leave those emotions all but unchanged.

I think the reason this adaptation strategy worked well for me and for Middlemarch was that George Eliot’s novel, Victorian as it is, is not really about debt or inheritance or the codicil plot. At its heart, Middlemarch is about its characters, and even in the modern day, those characters shine through."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 10

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 10

open culture - "george eliot's middlemarch gets reborn as a 21st century web series"

July 17, 2017

"Written and directed by Yale undergraduate film student Rebecca Shoptaw, the series stars several of Shoptaw’s peers “as students at Lowick College, in the fictional town of Middlemarch, Connecticut,” and it transcribes the novel’s form into that most 21st century of mediums, the vlog."

Cast &amp; crew of  Middlemarch: The Series

Cast & crew of Middlemarch: The Series

nettvnow - "award-Winning director announces middlemarch web series"

May 11, 2017

"Shoptaw is an award-winning director knowing for her short films focused on LGBTQ+ representation, which prompted her to create Middlemarch. The series currently has 21 episodes with new episodes airing every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM EST. Follow along using their official hashtag #MMTS and get caught up with the series today!"

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 01

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 01

women and hollywood - “Middlemarch Web Series Modernizes the Classic Novel"

July 27, 2017

"Of all the classic novels you could imagine being turned into a web series for the 21st century, George Eliot’s “Middlemarch” might not be the first to spring to mind. Then again, where better to reinvent Eliot’s sprawling portrait of provincial life in early 19th century England — originally published in serial form across eight volumes — than on what has become the new home of installment entertainment, YouTube?"

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 17

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 17

fandomania - "Middlemarch: classic romantic tale with a new twist"

June 22, 2017 - Interview

"When I set out to adapt Middlemarch, I wanted to give viewers the same feeling I got when I read the novel. To me, Middlemarch is something of a celebration of imperfect people living ordinary lives. Each time I finish reading those last beautiful lines of the novel, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that a quiet, messy, everyday kind of happiness is something worth striving for, and I hope that when the series finally finishes airing, some of the people watching will be left feeling the same way."

Photo by  Clara Mokri

Photo by Clara Mokri


June 1, 2017

"Rebecca Shoptaw sets a perfect example when it comes to making films and videos as diverse as she pleases. Shoptaw is a Yale junior majoring in Film and Media Studies, and has been making films since she could work a camera. As a basis for many of her short films, she chooses well-known classics, such as Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 23,” and adapts them for a queer audience. “I think more than anything I’m drawn to certain classic works to adapt because of their potential for representation,” Shoptaw says."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 07

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 07

playground - "Una joven cineasta ha convertido 'Middlemarch' en una webserie con perspectiva LGBTQI"

July 19, 2017 - In Spanish

"Así, si la novela de Eliot se caracterizaba por proponer un enjuiciamiento moral crítico del tipo de relaciones que se daban en torno a las mujeres -especialmente a las estructuras sociales que aseguraban su sumisión-, la serie de Shoptaw abre todavía más el foco y traslada la complejidad psicológica de la novela a los vínculos, amistades y amoríos que se dan en un grupo de jóvenes cuya identidad de género y orientación sexual está lejos de ser estanca. Además, al trasladar los personajes deMiddlemarch a la pequeña pantalla, la directora aprovecha para subvertir -en un juego intertextual- los roles que dichos personajes van a desempeñar."

Untitled Tenderness Project  still

Untitled Tenderness Project still

chain film festival - "Untitled tenderness project"

August 2, 2018 - Interview

"I would love to keep contributing - in my small way - more ordinary stories about queer people. Soft, awkward, sometimes painfully realistic stories about queer people just trying to find their way, or fall in love, or make something worth making. As much as I would love to see more queer fantasy epics and adventure stories, I'd like to hope that there will still be room for this quieter kind of storytelling, because it makes a happy queer future a bit more possible to imagine."

Love Language  Episode 05 -  Eternity

Love Language Episode 05 - Eternity

the nerdy girl express - “clexacon interview - rebecca shoptaw”

March 30th, 2019 - Interview

“Too often, our notions of love in general, in the abstract, are bound up in the idea of heterosexuality. When we talk about what it is to be in love, we usually start by assuming that love is between people of different genders, and then hopefully remember to mention the “exceptional” case of love between people of the same gender. With Love Language, I wanted to flip that script, to create a representation of what love and relationships feel like that feels universal, and yet is entirely centered on queer experiences of love.”

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 52

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 52

fourteen east - "A trip to middlemarch"

August 6, 2017 - Interview

"Middlemarch: The Series is smart. It takes a lengthy, classic text and repackages it for a new world. Fans of the original text can understand the nuanced references, but the show can be enjoyed by anyone. The cast is equally talented as they are charming – and the audience is pulled in from the very beginning. There is heartbreak and conflict, but there is also an underlying theme of hope. Maybe it’s a liberal arts type of idealism, but it’s evident this lovable group of kids really want to change the world – and the world better watch out."

Middlemarch: The Series  Official Poster - Logo by  Ana Marta

Middlemarch: The Series Official Poster - Logo by Ana Marta

the daily fandom - "LGBTQ+ Web Series ‘Middlemarch: The Series’ Gender-Bends George Eliot’s Middlemarch"

May 30, 2017

"Middlemarch: The Series is a brand new comedy/drama LGBTQ+ web series adaptation of George Eliot’s MiddlemarchMiddlemarch: The Series is a romantic web series following a group of students at Lowick College in the fictional town of Middlemarch, Connecticut. Based on George Eliot’s Victorian novel, the web series is a modern, gender-bent take on the classic in a vlog-style."

Middlemarch: The Series  Episode 04

Middlemarch: The Series Episode 04

the lgbt world - "'Middlemarch: the series' - a new lgbtQ+ web series to check out"

May 30, 2017

"More than anything, Shoptaw created the series because of her desire to get more positive LGBTQ+ representation onscreen. She found that by gender-bending a number of characters from the original novel, she could create a cast of LGBTQ+ characters who are at once lovable and deeply ordinary."

Thumbnail of   Sonnet 23

Thumbnail of Sonnet 23 - "Watch Sonnet 23 - a modern reimagining of william shakespeare's original sonnet"

March 29, 2017

"The short gay film Sonnet 23 shows a modern gay interpretation William Shakespeare’s original sonnet created by Rebecca Shoptaw. In a beautifully shot way, Rebecca Shoptaw tells a story of longing and love between two students."

Yale daily news - "Middlemarch: the Beauty of the ordinary"

March 10th, 2017

"What do you get when you cross a 19th-century English novel with a 21st-century college campus? This is the question Rebecca Shoptaw ’18 explores in her web series, “Middlemarch,” based on the 1872 George Eliot novel. The series, filmed as a collection of straight-to-camera vlogs, follows the intersecting lives of a group of college students at the fictional Lowick University in Middlemarch, Connecticut..." 

Still from   Recording

Still from Recording

monologue blogger - "Living in the past in recording"

"What sticks in this film is the representation of hope in a lesbian relationship. In a world so focused on the darkness that surrounds the LGBT community these stories that end with hope are few and far between. As Sam decides to send her letter and, in the final scene, begins to open a letter from Cassidy, the viewer can partake in the excitement. Instead of an ending that leaves the viewer emotionally distraught, Recording makes a happy turn, a welcome turn toward hope. One cannot discount the importance of happy endings for a community that has seen so many real-life tragedies."

Still from   Infinite Rose

Still from Infinite Rose

hay una lesbiana en mi sopa - "recuerdos de un primer beso: Infinite rose"

August 3rd, 2016 - in Spanish

"Rebecca Shoptaw, la directora de esta pieza, es una estudiante de cine de Yale que ha demostrado de sobra su talento detrás de la cámara. Además de Infinite Rose, Rebecca nos regala en su cuenta de YouTube Happy Endings, un corto sobre varias relaciones, incluídas algunas LGBT. Me juego lo que queráis a que en un tiempo no demasiado lejano podemos ver alguna película firmada por ella, y con toque croqueta."

Still from   Infinite Rose

Still from Infinite Rose

lesbian interest - "highlights on Infinite rose, another gem from rebecca shoptaw"

June 12th, 2016

"The dream continues, rose spreads, but the reality finally resurfaces... The movie is an original work created by Rebecca Shoptaw..."

Still from   Infinite Rose

Still from Infinite Rose

DEBORARTE - "Cortos: Infinite rose"

May 15th, 2016 - in Spanish

"Ante toda la muerte que reina en el mundo lésbico últimamente, elegí para esta ocasión un corto muy tierno, de esos que te dejan sonriendo cuando termina."

YouTube thumbnail for   Recording

YouTube thumbnail for Recording

Lesbian interest - "highlights on Recording, an intimate short film by rebecca shoptaw"

December 22nd, 2015

"Recording is a minimalist auteur film presented in the form of a private autobiographical video. Sam is a college student accustomed to vlogging about her daily life... Recording is a beautiful ode to sapphism. The movie is a poignant drama with a heartbreaking end."